about me

A little timeline from 1989 to present (originally published on Medium)

Hello, I’m Jasraj (js-raaj), or Jas for short. Thank you for being here.

Little Jas is very happy right now. 😊 Here’s him smiling at you before he introduces himself properly…

me in-a-nutshell

The in-a-nutshell version of my story is that I left my corporate job in 2015, started writing and sharing my thoughts online, and subsequently have run several blogs:


In July 2015, I shared my first ever blog post on Medium: My story so far.

Soon after, I started my first named blog: A Happier Introvert. It was about an introvert (me) finding happiness.


I started The Indie Author project: what started out as a blog of interviews with self-published authors, later became a book.


After writing under a pen-name to a blog called Awkward Brown Guy for a few months, I started IntrovertJedi, later renamed INF Club: a blog for INFPs, INFJs & creative introverts.

Eventually this became a weekly podcast, too.


My belief is that writing freely is one of the most delightful things there is.

I started a new personal blog, under my own name, where I can just write freely as myself and don’t have to worry about choosing topics, writing for publications, clicks or claps. You’re reading it right now :)

The process of writing, sharing my writing, and connecting with fellow writers online has impacted me deeply.

As of May 2022, I’m gently building The Indie Writer, a place for ADHD writers. ✍️🧠

me in a timeline

Here’s a more detailed timeline, giving the short story of my life so far:

June 4th, 1989

- Jas was born. Apparently I cried. It felt weird being out in the world after being in a cosy little cave for 9 months.


- I like to sit under my desk and pretend I was in a rocket-ship, play with my toys, and watch cartoons. - I would dream up stories for my little brother - Going to school was initially bumpy, by then I loved going to the big house that became my primary school


- Big school was an adjustment, but I had a pretty good time there too… especially for the first few years - I loved to learn! I enjoyed doing (pretty much) alllll the subjects – Having to whittle down my subjects, deal with “new classes”, and choose what I wanted to do with my life was… difficult for me – I chose the “proper” subjects and didn’t have such a fun time in the last two years of school


- Applied for one course at university, studied another, and dropped out after a year – Worked in my first office job for about a year, had a pretty fun year of long train rides and getting a taste of office life in a chilled-out culture – Re-applied for uni, dropped out again after a year. Despite apparently being “academic” (whatever that means), uni wasn’t for me, being away on my own was disorientating, and not knowing who I was didn’t help (no one had told me alcohol was a depressant, and “partying” wasn’t really for me…)

2010–mid 2015(ish)

- Degree-less after dropping out twice, and at a time post-recession, I thought I wanted to make money and work with people… so I landed in recruitment - Joined an agency on the (ironically named for this twice-dropout) “graduate” scheme, worked too many hours and under a micro-managing boss, tried to quit, got offered another job in the same company, and my time at recruitment company #1 eventually fizzled out - Got a job at the smaller, friendly recruitment company #2, reached the point where I was a ‘top 5’ earner in the company, but after getting ‘Employee of the Year’ and questioning what was next, realised my time was up… reading the stories of “career changers” and attending talks after work at “Escape the City”, and an insightful family trip to Barbados helped me realise “the leap” needed to be taken - I handed in my notice a few minutes before I received a formal offer to study a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London (the email landed in my inbox whilst I was in the room resigning to one of the Directors) - Started writing and sharing things on my mind and happening in my life, and my first blog was on Medium

Late 2015 — late 2017(ish)

- I had a lot of free time studying this “full time” Masters, and with so much time in my own company and with my own thoughts and thinking, thinking, thinking about what do with my life… it was a lot - I finished a 3-month tribe at Escape the City and started my first company, an alternative to University - Masters degree and business #1 came to an end, and I found myself, after this year of wanting to “figure out what to do with my life work-wise”, I felt like I was back to square one - My mental health took a dive, mum noticed, and a visit to a psychiatrist led to a low dose of SSRIs, plus 1:1 and group therapy - After a few months of therapy, I decided to go travelling over the Summer, thought I wanted to be a sports journalist or coach, and had fun abroad watching sport, documenting the events I was watching and recording little videos

Late 2017–2018

- Worked remotely for a year for a friend’s company, the novelty was nice but ultimately I was back doing sales as an employee… - I was increasingly realising I wanted to do “my own thing”, and got to realising that I liked writing

2018–mid 2021(ish)

-By 2018 point I’d started and stopped various blogs, with names like A Happier Introvert and Awkward Brown Guy - I thought about / tried every career I could think of that involved writing.. from a content business, freelance writing, an internship in publishing… - I got my first taste of being a “digital nomad” with a month staying at a co-living space in Tenerife, Canary Islands - At this time I decide to get more serious about my blogging… I started posting consistently to my INF Club blog, co-ran an online Summit, and slowly started making money from that blog (around $6000 in total); I was working on this blog alongside some tutoring work - I stayed for a couple of months at the “digital nomad village” of Ponta do Sol in Madeira, continued to tutoring, work on INF Club blog, and finish up a book I’d been working on for over a year (see below)

Late 2021 — present

- I became an author when I released The Indie Author e-book (paperback arriving in 2022) - I closed INF Club, the blog (+ podcast + community) I’d been running for 3 years. - I started my personal blog (this one!) - I co-hosted my second online Summit in March 2022, The Introvert Writer Summit – I started The Indie Writer, a place for ADHD writers.

ps. you’ll find me – forevermore - at jasraj.me, or my current links at linktr.ee/jasraj

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! ❤

ps. here’s a longer version (a gentle warning: at ~8,000 words, it’s something like a mini-memoir)