The best thing about the internet 💛

Yesterday, I caught up with a good friend of mine I first met on the internet on a platform called

I remember the first time I came across Laurence, aka Cerulean, on the platform.

This guy is as wonderfully weird and quirky as me, I thought, as I read the things he was writing about and sharing, and stumbled across his delightfully-wacky email address, and just everything I was seeing come from this quick-witted human being.

We exchanged numbers, and – true story – during an exchange about “minimal phones” – I dropped my smartphone… what was to be the beginning of the end of my iPhone.

The first time we met up we spent a good couple of hours walking and talking in a West London park. We shared our stories and put the world to rights.

There’ve been other meets and chats since, our most recent yesterday with Laurence driving down to my neck of the woods, as part of a couple of days in London for his putting together his most recent album. I was even treated to a sample play of a couple of the tracks. I say treated because it was no less than an honour. Like any writer who graces me with their writing, whilst it is being birthed, a musician or any artist who does the same… words cannot describe.

It is the deepest of privileges that fills my human heart. Truly, something that can only be felt and not done justice with even the most eloquent words on page.

And, of course, we shared more stories and put the world to rights. He gave me some very sensible advice too as I navigate a new path and find myself in the throws of passionate emotions and – admittedly – reckless irrationality.

The magic of the internet, the best thing about the internet, no doubt, is being able to connect with people through their words (or, in Laurence’s case, through music *and* words. And he makes videos too – each medium carefully crafted with Laurence’s essence – so he really does offer different ways to intricately connect with him) and develop a heartfelt friendship.

My life is all the richer for the people I have in my life I can speak honestly and meaningfully with. Those connections are deep and rewarding in both written/artful form, as well as in ‘meeting in real life’ form.

Thank you, internet. 💛

With everything else I see going awry with the digital space, this is truly the one thing about the worldwideweb I will hold onto and cherish deeply.

I remember the first time I typed out websites into my browser… “double-you, double-you, double-you, dot….”. Wondrous. Magical. Beautiful.

ps. I was previously offered the gift of talking ‘Smalltown Dreamer’, Laurence aka Cerulean’s debut album, and discovering more of his story (in his backyard) –> a small portion.